Natahlie Scott General Manager
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Jonathan Layton
Jonathan Layton Director
Mark Layton
Mark Layton Managing Director

Business Development Team

Jacob LaytonSales Manager
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Javier Rezzonico
Javier Rezzonico Sales Consultant
Amy Gorham
Amy GorhamMarketing Coordinator
Rochelle Layton Business Development Coordinator
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Procurement and Manufacturing Team

Gordon Howard
Gordon Howard Production Manager
Nicole Mackenzie Purchasing Manager
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Bonnie Stewart
Bonnie Stewart Production Assistant

Projects and Construction Team

Roy Sharma
Roy Sharma Construction Manager
Brenton Scott Senior Project Manager
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Regan Layton
Regan Layton Design and Approvals Consultant
Roderick vanBeem
Roderick vanBeemProject Manager
Nicola Layton
Nicola Layton Project Coordinator

Finance and Administration Team

Beth Jones
Beth Jones Finance Manager
Kelly O'Brien
Kelly O'Brien Administration
David Pascoe
David Pascoe Systems Administrator