Mezzanine Floor Self Storage Systems

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  • Maximised Returns – Highly cost effective design reduces construction costs
  • Increased Revenues – Fast and easy installation 
  • Maximised Rentable Space – Columns with concealed base plates minimise intrusion into rentable space 
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs – All structural surfaces are easy to clean and manufactured from highly durable galvanised or Zinclume® material 
  • Adaptable – The floor can be designed around your unique unit layout or existing building parameters 

Whether it be a building conversion or a new multi level building, STORCO’s mezzanine floor self storage system is the ultimate in mezzanine flooring. STORCO’s mezzanine flooring system is engineered on a per job basis to ensure the most economical design with minimum construction time and ensures that industry standards are met. With all the key components kept in stock, your mezzanine floor system can be dispatched within days!

Standard Specifications 

  • Standard floor to floor height is 3000mm. Any floor to floor height is available up to 4500mm
  • 3000mm x 3000mm grid for mezzanine floor posts
  • Particleboard flooring
  • Fully enclosed BCA compliant galvainsed stairs with powder coated handrails
  • Concealed ase plates
  • Gloss white flasing around mezzanine floor openings
  • 5kPa live floor load


  • RHS joists
  • Plywood flooring/termifloor
  • Large span mezzanine floors to dock areas and over large units
  • Hot dip galvanised stair handrails
  • Stairs customised with your company name
  • Painted or sealed flooring
  • Double level mezzanine floors (for 3 levels of storage)
  • Fire rating of mezzanine
  • Smoke ventilation systems