Design and Approvals |

The planning and development stage is one of the most important stages of your self-storage facility construction process. Poor planning in this phase can lead to higher construction and maintenance costs and reduced ongoing returns.  The key outcome of planning and development is to come up with a design that is:

  • BCA compliant
  • Meets all council requirements
  • Can be built cost effectively
  • Creates the most rentable space possible
  • Has the right unit mix for the area
  • Is attractive and user friendly
  • Provides great access for clients

Using the industry specific knowledge of our design team and partnering with experienced consultants, it is often possible to negotiate concessions with local councils and certifying authorities. Creatively working together is often the key to a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Meet the Team

Israeli Esnardo – Architectural Draftsperson

A love of nature and the outdoors created a passion for design. She has an architecture Degree and goals to continue to grow and develop in this area. Starting at the beginning of 2017, Israeli took advantage of an opportunity with STORCO to expand her knowledge and skills.