Self Storage Locker Systems

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  • Increased Revenues – Fast and easy installation
  • Maximised Rentable Space – Internal wall thickness of only 30mm
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs – All surfaces are easy to clean and highly durable
  • Flexible – Lockers can be custom built to any size you require. The series 1000 locker can be simply relocated
  • Customer Safety – All internal wall sheets have saftey edges
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty – A professional, attractive environment for your customers

Wine Range

  • Lockers can be stacked one, two three or four high
  • Perforated sheet metal flooring
  • Gloss white cladding on front and sided
  • Sizes are customised to customer requirements
  • Secure dividing walls using safeguard sheeting

Standard Specifications – Series 1000 Modular 

  • Dimensions are 1000mm wide x 1000mm high x 1060mm deep
  • Zincalume® top base
  • White melamine base inerts
  • Gloss white cladding on all four sides
  • Can be stacked 3 high
  • Secure dividing walls using safeguard sheeting
  • Flat packed

Integrated Range

  • 2 high locker dimensions are 1000mm wide x 1115mm high x 865mm deep. Overall locker bank height is 2235mm
  • 3 high locker dimnsions are 1000mm wide x 900mm high x 865mm deep. Overall locker bank height is 2700mm
  • White melamine floor
  • Gloss white cladding to front and sides
  • Secure sheeting

Our integrated range of Self Storage Locker Systems is more variable in size and mounted more like conventional units. They are custom designed and fabricated on a job lot basis. As these are tailored for your space & may share walls & floors, they can often work out more economical than the Series 1000.

Wine lockers using entirely steel components and perforated shelving are the best option for a fungi free climate controlled environment.