• Exterior frontage of Angel Storage in Lidcombe
  • A wide hallway with extra large units with blue roller doors facing the front entrance
  • A series of yellow roller doors with extra high interior wall panelling reaching the existing steep roofline
  • A pair of yellow roller doors flanking a bright hallway
  • High angle photo showing the suspended lighting track and roof panelling
  • Looking down a brightly-lit hallway with yellow roller doors and a swing door
  • A series of ground-floor lockers set into the void space under a vehicle ramp

Storco Systems: Mezzanine, fitout, and lockers
Client: Total Construction and Angel Storage

Angel Storage, Lidcombe NSW, Australia

Storco worked closely with Total Construction to complete stage one of this project, which included renovating the interior of an existing multi-level carpark. Among the challenges posed by this build were an existing vehicle ramp, unusually high interior walls, and a floodway built into the bottom of the building. We custom-designed the panelling to fit the pitch of the ceiling and cover the existing ceiling material, designed storage lockers to maximise the rentable space under the vehicle ramp space, and built a floating mezzanine level above the floodway.

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