• Exterior frontage of Storage4you Whangaparaoa. The entrance to a covered loading area and staircase to the first floor is on the right.
  • A set of straight fabricated steel exterior stairs that lead to the first floor ascending from right to left.
  • The inside of the enclosed loading area. A pair of storage units are in the middle, with another unit next to a set of U-shaped fabricated steel stairs on the far right.
  • The interior corridor of a self storage facility with swing doors on the right and roller doors on the left.
  • The intersection of two corridors in a self storage facility. Gloss white V5000 panels make up the walls, with rounded aluminium protecting the corridor corners.
  • The interior corridor of a self storage facility. A raised roller door shows the inside of a 4×3m storage unit, with Safeguard partition walls and mesh above.
  • The interior corridor of a self storage facility with green roller doors on either side of the corridor and Fullbright lighting track running parallel above the corridor. A raised roller door shows the inside of a 3×3m storage unit.
  • The inside of a large 5.5×4.5m self storage unit. Safeguard partitioning is visible on the back wall, and V5000 corridor panelling is visible on left wall. Wire mesh is supported across the top of the unit.

Storco Systems: Self storage fit out, mezzanine, single level building, multi-level building

Storage4you, Whangaparāoa New Zealand

In the picturesque Whangaparāoa Peninsula of New Zealand, nestled along the stunning Hibiscus Coast, lies a contemporary and inviting self storage facility operated by Storage4you – the second in their portfolio. Strategically positioned just thirty minutes north of Auckland, this facility caters to the growing demand for secure and convenient storage spaces in the north island.

Storco provided both self storage fit out products and design expertise for this facility, which was formerly the home of a big box hardware retailer. The renovation included substantial changes to the interior layout and the exterior facade. It now has a footprint of 4,660m² spread across two levels, with an average lettable area of 76.7% Storco provided design guidance for the facility layout to both maximise lettable area – and in turn increasing potential revenue – as well as ensuring a customer-friendly layout and compliance with fire regulations.

The building features a large enclosed drive-through and loading area on the eastern side. Interior PA doors provide access to the internal units, which include a healthy mix of unit sizes, ranging from 6×3m, 4×3m, 3×3m, and 3×1.5m. Storco provided interior self storage fit out products and the exterior and interior stairs.

The fit out products used in Storage4you showcase Storco’s commitment to quality and security. Gloss white V5000 corridor panelling provides a modern, contemporary aesthetic that helps maximise light and is easy to clean. Storco’s Safeguard interior unit partitioning system serves as a robust barrier between storage units. This system maximises security while minimising the need for additional bracing or support, to keep structural and material costs in check.

Rich green roller doors and swing doors contrast with the aluminum corner and bump protection. These small details help enhance the longevity of the structure, safeguarding vulnerable surfaces against daily wear and tear. Proper lighting is crucial in a storage facility, and Fullbright’s lighting track ensures that every corner is well-illuminated, enhancing safety and accessibility for customers.

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