• Drone shot showing all three self storage buildings for North Orange Self Storage
  • Exterior frontage for North Orange Self Storage
  • A series of grey roller doors on the easternmost units of North Orange Self Storage
  • The southeast corner of the centre building of North Orange Self Storage. A suspended walkway providing access to the PA doors is visible on the left. Spring green roller doors run the length of the building on the right.
  • The southwest corner of the centre building at North Orange Self Storage. The suspended walkway to the PA doors is visible in the foreground. A driveway slopes down to another building with Spring Green roller doors in the background.
  • The rear of the self storage building showing downpipes on a staggered wall.
  • The intersection of interior corridors with white V5000 corridor panels. Aztec Yellow roller doors on the left and a 1200mm high checkerplate protecting the trolley return on the right.
  • The interior corridor of a self storage building. The corridor leads to a Poppy Red personal access door, flanked on either side by timber buffer rail. Lazurite Blue roller doors are visible on either side of the corridor intersection in the foreground.
  • The interior corridor of a self storage building. Lazurite Blue roller doors line the corridor, with one door open to show the Safeguard partition walls of a unit interior.
  • A self storage facility corridor with a series of Monolith Charcoal roller doors.
  • A self storage building interior corridor with Poppy Red roller doors.
  • The intersection of two lengths of Fullbright folded lighting track.

Storco Systems: Self storage fit out, mezzanine, single level building, multi-level building

North Orange Secure Storage, Orange NSW Australia

It’s a rare occurrence when we get to work on a self storage project in our own backyard – much less one within throwing distance of our own factory. Storco had the privilege of constructing the three storage buildings that make up this site, including the mezzanine and internal fit out for the split-level building in the centre of the site.

Located on Ralston Drive, the close proximity to a growing suburb and easy access via feeder road mean North Orange Secure Storage is in a prime position to serve the population of its namesake. The 5,000m² site allowed the construction of three buildings that offers over 150 drive-up and internal storage units.

The easternmost building houses the site’s largest units, each one offering 47 square metres for boating, camping, or commercial storage. On the opposite side of the site, another building with a staggered rear wall allows a variety of unit sizes while maximising the use of the land. The multi-level building in the centre is the largest of the three. It spans the sloping site, maximising the lettable area with drive-up and interior units accessible on both levels. These units range from 18m² to just 4.5m².

Storco’s lightweight building and mezzanine system proved to be the perfect solution for constructing the three buildings that make up the site. Storco also provided the interior fit out, which includes timber buffer rail, checkerplate protection for trolley return, and Fullbright lighting track on the interior of the upper floors. The site also showcases Storco’s range of door colours, with all seven of our standard colours on display throughout the facility.

The interior lighting is enhanced by the Fullbright lighting track and V5000 ceilings, which reflect light into the corridors and unit interiors.

The exterior facade was designed in coordination with the client, utilising lengths of coloured roller door coil. This simple and cost-effective solution adds a splash of vibrant colour to the road-facing walls, enhancing visibility and branding.

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