• Ground level view of the front of Storage King Prestons taken at sunset.
  • Drone photo of the front of Storage King Prestons taken at sunset.
  • Covered loading dock with self storage partitioning visible on the right hand and back walls.
  • An open roller door showing the interior of a self storage unit with Safeguard partition walls.
  • A corridor of self storage units with V5000 partition walls. Lazurite Blue swing doors, two rows of timber buffer rail, and Fullbright lighting track.
  • The front office of Storage King Prestons with Jedda Road visible through the windows.

Storco Systems: Self storage fit out
Client: Abacus Property Group
Head Contractor: Patterson Building Group
Project Managers: Vertext Project Management

Storage King, Prestons NSW Australia

The Storage King team clearly recognise the value of designing facilities that are bright and inviting. This four-storey self storage facility on Jedda Road, Prestons NSW exemplifies this design approach, with bright lighting, bold use of colour, and spacious interior.

Easily accessed by the nearby Westlink M7, visitors are greeted by Storage King’s distinctive, vibrant branding. Full-length windows on the building’s Northerns and Southern corners run the full height of the building’s four storeys. These windows provide a preview into the building’s interior and admit natural light into interior corridors. A secure, covered loading dock is accessible from the front carpark. In addition to providing access to the site’s drive-up units, the loading dock provides access to the ground-floor units and walk-through access to the site office. The corrugated ceiling in the loading dock was part of Storco’s scope and provides an attractive, reflective finish to enhance the spacious dock interior.

The self storage fit out is made up of a broad mix of units to meet the diverse needs of Prestons and the surrounding suburbs. Storage King Prestons has almost 700 units accessible by roller doors and swing doors in a variety of sizes. These include 6×3m, 4×3m, 3×3m, and 3×1.5m units, as well as custom-sized 6×5.5m and 4.5×3m sizes which offer additional variety and help maximise the net lettable area on all of the facility’s four levels. The self storage fit out includes Storco’s V5000 corridor walls, Safeguard partition walls, two rows of timber buffer rail, and Fullbright lighting track. The ground floor also features Storco’s heavy mesh across the the top of each unit. In addition to providing a secure horizontal seal, the 100×100×4mm mesh has enough rigidity to support its own weight without sagging.

In addition to the illumination provided by the lights mounted in the Storco Fullbright lighting track, each floor also features full-length windows in the northern and southern corners of the building.

Storage King Prestons was constructed for Abacus Property Group. The head contractor was Patterson Building Group.

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