• Aerial view of the front office block for Storage King Riverwood. A free-standing sign is visible next to the driveway leading to carparking and self storage units at the rear of the building.
  • Aerial view of Storage King Riverwood showing the front office building, free-standing oversize storage buildings, and the long warehouse structure. Warehouses, office space, and shipping containers are also visible on adjacent blocks.
  • exterior of the warehouse building Storco renovated for Storage King Riverwood. A series of Lazurite Blue roller doors are visible running down the left hand side. A single large roller door covered by an awning is visible on the right, flanked by Storage King signage.
  • A loading dock area at Storage King Riverwood. A goods hoist and galvanised steel staircase leading to the upper mezzanine level occupies the centre of the image. A long corridor extends into the distance on the left hand side. 1200mm high aluminium checkerplate protection is visible on the far left and right walls.
  • A set of galvanised steel U-shaped stairs leading to the upper mezzanine level. A long corridor lined with Storco's Gloss White V5000 walls is visible on the right hand side.
  • A long corridor with Gloss White V5000 walls and two sets of timber buffer rail on each wall. Fullbright lighting track runs along the length of the roof and Lazurite Blue roller doors provide access to the self storage units.
  • The rear of the office building at Storage King Riverwood. An open gate allows driveway access to six self storage units at the rear of the building.
  • The front office and retail space for Storage King Riverwood. Stacks of cardboard storage containers are visible in the middle and along the right-hand wall.
  • An aerial view of the long northern wall of Storage King Riverwood. The 150m long building has externally-accessed storage units with 2600mm high Lazurite Blue roller doors. A loading dock and awning is just visible in the distance.
  • Aerial view of the three free-standing storage buildings at Storage King Riverwood. The units feature Storco's Safeguard internal walls with roller doors over 3m high to allow storage of oversize vehicles such as caravans, or for storage for tradespeople.

Storco Systems: Self storage fit out, mezzanine, building renovation
Head Contractor: Mettle
Project Managers: Creative Resolution Australia

Storage King, Riverwood NSW Australia

This new facility for Storage King in Riverwood NSW offered some unique opportunities. Located on Belmore Road, this project required the renovation of multiple existing buildings including a warehouse almost 150m long.

The warehouse renovation was a significant undertaking, requiring fire safety amendments to the internal building structure, new firewalls and roofing, and updated cladding and branding to the exterior facade. This was made even more challenging due to the structure sharing its longest wall with another business. And while the corridors that run the length of the warehouse aren’t the longest Storco has ever constructed, they’re certainly not far off.

The warehouse features a variety of unit sizes. The largest of them are 7×3m units with 2600mm high roller doors running half the length of the northern wall. A series of smaller units on both the ground and first floor of the warehouse help offer additional variety as well as maximising lettable area for the uncommonly long but narrow building. Storco also constructed a large mezzanine structure inside the warehouse. This long mezzanine has a floor area of almost 3,000m² and a floor-to-floor height of 3m. Hot-rolled 75×75mm SHS posts and bearers with Storco’s fabricated base plates support loads of up to 5kPa. Storco also manufactured the stairwells and handrails that provide mezzanine access.

In addition to the warehouse structure, the site also features three free-standing cinder-block storage buildings that allow storage of extra-large vehicles like caravans or material storage for trades and other small businesses. These buildings have ten storage units in total and include Storco’s Safeguard internal unit partitioning plus extra-high roller doors.

Another structure that serves as an office space and additional externally accessed storage faces Belmore Road.

The interior features Storage King’s standard storage fit out of Gloss White V5000 corridor walls, Lazurite Blue swing and roller doors, and Fullbright lighting track. Two rows of timber buffer rail and square aluminium corner provide protection from impacts throughout the facility.

Storage King Prestons was constructed in coordination with Mettle Projects and Creative Resolution Australia.

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