Smartshed: the portable storage solution

No building? No worries

Transform vacant land into a new revenue streams with the Smartshed by Storco. The Smartshed is a self-contained, portable storage solution specifically designed for the self storage industry. Where easements, time, or cost prohibit constructing permanent structures, Smartsheds step in, turning unused space into lettable area.

Smartsheds offer the benefits of mobile storage without compromising on strength or performance. A galvanised steel frame and sturdy construction means Smartsheds offer strength and security where it counts.

Storco’s easy-operation roller doors mean Smartsheds are easily accessible for all customers.

And at less than half the weight of a shipping container, they’re easily installed and relocated.

A person opening the orange roller door of a Smartshed.
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Smartshed product specifications

Isometric illustration of a single door Smartshed with the roof elevated to show the internal space
Isometric illustration of a double door Smartshed with the roof elevated to show the internal space

Note: specifications apply to both single and double-door Smartsheds unless specified otherwise.

External dimensions: 6×3m

Internal dimensions: 5.6×2.7m

Gross weight: 900kg

Frame: Galvanised steel

Roof: TRIMDEK® 2.85m at highest point with 2° pitch

Floor: 19mm structural ply or aluminium treadplate

Walls: Steel sheet cladding wrapped around steel frame

Doors: Includes standard Storco roller door: W2400×H2200mm with stainless steel latch

Internal partitioning: Double-door Smartshed includes Safeguard internal partition wall


Weather and dust-resistant design

Rear gutter and downpipe

Forklift tyne points

Pre-clad walls and floor1

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What you need to know

Smartsheds require an impermeable graded surface. For best results, Storco recommends placing them on sealed concrete or hard-packed gravel.
Additional drainage may be required depending on the location, surface, or grade.
Smartsheds are not supplied with damp proofing such as DPC.
Smartsheds are supplied as separate sections and will require assembly by qualified installers.
Smartsheds are not designed to store vehicles.
Smartsheds are not designed to be transported (eg: between sites) while assembled.
Smartsheds should be completely empty before being moved by forklift on site.
Custom colours and signage are subject to availability. Additional costs and production time may apply.
Photos and graphics are illustrative only and the final product may differ somewhat. Material samples are available on request.
Storco reserves the right to change product specifications without notice.