No building? No worries

Maximise your potential revenue with the Series 1000 Locker. The ultimate in flexible storage, the Series 1000 Locker can be located in any under-utilised space to expand your facility’s product offering and turn empty corridors into lettable area.

The compact design makes the locker ideal for customers needing secure storage for small items, such as small businesses, travellers, and students. This allows you to widen the appeal of your facility and diversify your revenue streams.

The simple design of the Series 1000 Locker also means it can be installed with no need for professional installers. Each part of the frame slides together with no fasteners, clipping together easier than flat-packed furniture. Seven minutes is all it takes to turn a void space into potential new income.

a bank of six series 1000 lockers with mandarin orange doors at a kennards self storage facility


RRP $790 ea.
(1m³ model with standard colour door; excludes optional fastener kit and delivery)


3 week lead time
(manufacturing estimate excluding delivery. Actual lead time may vary)

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Standard locker specifications

Internal capacity

Locker dimensions

Door dimensions

Frame material
80% Gloss White steel sheet

Door material
Steel sheet in standard Storco colours

Package contents
Frame, door, hinges, and stainless steel latch that supports barrel locks and overlocking

Approximate assembly time
7 minutes

Locker frame includes integrated guides and locking tabs. No additional fasteners required

Custom locker sizes, including half-size and double-height, are available on request (subject to additional lead time and minimum order quantities)

Optional fastener set includes levelling base suitable for banks of two, four, or six lockers and flashings to secure top locker rows

All components 100% Australian made by Storco

Optional fastener kit

Floor not dead level? No worries – the optional fastener kit has everything you need to get straight lines and a professional finish.

The fastener kit includes a 100mm high base plate with levelling legs to allow locker banks to be squared off easily. Bases are available for rows one, two, or three lockers wide. Kits also include fasteners that secure the top row of lockers, ensuring each row is straight and level.

Close up of a Series 1000 Locker base with levelling legs

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  • Series 1000 Locker price and lead times are recommended only. Firm pricing will be provided with a quote prior to order.
  • Lockers are supplied flat-packed and include frame, door, latch, hinges, and hinge rivets.
  • Optional fastener kit is supplied separately. Storco will confirm the base plate sizes required with you prior to ordering.
  • Images are illustrative only and may differ slightly from the final product. Material samples are available on request.