• Drone photo of Smithfield showing the front facade
  • Drone photo of Smithfield showing units on a slant
  • Exterior view of the two-story drive through
  • Interior view of the drive through showing elevator and mezzanine levels
  • Open roller door showing interior of the storage unit
  • Corridor showing indented unit to allow wheelchairs to pass each other
  • Wide shot showing two corridors extending into the distance

Storco Systems: Mezzanine and fitout
Client: Patterson Building Group & Creative Resolutions Australia

Storage King, Smithfield NSW, Australia

This striking building in Sydney’s west has almost 800 storage units across four levels. The facility includes a wide, two-story drive-through that provides easy access to the facility’s many units, as well as flooding the space with natural light. It also has extra high storage unit and a row of units on a slope.

The facility was built in coordination with Patterson Building Group and Creative Resolution Australia, two of Storco’s long-term partners.

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